Islands of wind and sun, the Aeolian Islands, the “Seven Pearls of the Mediterranean Sea” marked by their volcanic origin, constitute a paradise that gift peace and relaxation, an archipelago unique in the world, a privileged universe, where the temperate climate embraces all twelve months of the year. So similar and so different, Alicudi, Filicudi, Lipari, Panarea, Salina, Stromboli, Vulcano, all extraordinary, seduce guests for their naturalistic riches, for their historical-cultural heritage and for their simple but exquisite cuisine.

The giant cliffs, the lunar-like landscapes, a wild nature, the active volcanoes, the secluded coves, the stacks, the solfataras, the mountains of white pumice, the bizarre rock formations, the crystalline waters and all the aroma of the people that has been able to preserve its identity, its customs and its traditions.

Vulcano, among all, is the island that refers to that ideal relationship of man with the primordial, the need to feel perfectly part of a nature that has in itself all that is needed for the psychophysical well-being of humans. Man’s action, carried out on the island, perfectly marries that perfect harmony and balance, so desired by lovers of paradises like this one, which technique and nature can realize: intervening on the environment, partially, without damaging its naturalness for the sole purpose of bringing out, as much as possible, the resources already present.

An uncontaminated sea, surreal silences, fascinating sunsets that seem to fade into the sea, colors, scents and flavors give this island the right dimension to spend a relaxing holiday. From the Sicilian coast, Salina is easily identified by the profile of the two mountains that constitute it; it was for this reason that the Greeks called it Didyme (twins), but it is as soon as you get close to it that you fully understand the identity of this place

High cliffs broken by small beaches of very black sand alternating with inlets and caves, the white Mediterranean houses, the green of the palms, the olive trees, the citrus fruits that rest on a rugged and fascinating volcanic cone secluded in an intense blue sea. This is the black pearl that has always attracted lovers of unspoiled nature and absolute relaxation. “Iddu”, an incredible volcano overlooking the sea, boils giving a suggestive and unique spectacle that reaches its peak during the night with explosions and launches of lapilli in a thickly starry sky as a backdrop.

Panarea is one of the most renowned destinations of international tourism. This natural jewel has enchanted artists, writers, stylists and musicians to the point of becoming, in the summer, a real red carpet! Panarea is a perfect mix of history, art, culture and worldliness, all elements that blend together to create a unique atmosphere of its kind. This enchanting island offers 3.5 sq km of beauty, enchantment, natural and cultural refinement. The island vitality will give you everything you hope to find in a dream vacation: worldliness and pure fun and moments of peace and relaxation.

Filicudi is the penultimate to the left of the seven islands of the Aeolian archipelago, which are located in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily. The wonderful coasts are in some points overlooking the sea while in others characterized by flat beaches such as Capo Graziano. Imposing rocks of an eruptive nature rise from the sea like stacks, the most famous of which “La Canna” is a must for every tour of the island by sea.
There are also numerous caves, the most famous of which is the Bue Marino cave, with a crystalline blue bottom.

Solitary, uncontaminated and timeless, Alicudi is one of the seven islands of the Aeolian archipelago which, in the era of globalization in which we are all citizens of the world, allows man to return to his original relationship with nature and with the essential. There are no cars or well-asphalted roads on the island, there is only the ancient beauty of long walks to be taken on rustic paths, on streets connected by a long staircase or on donkeys, the only means of transport, which facilitate the most difficult routes.

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