It is the largest protected natural area in Sicily. It includes Monte Soro which stands as the highest peak of the park at about 1850 meters: from here the view is breathtaking, with Mount Etna behind and the Aeolian Islands that can be glimpsed looking north. The low population density of the area has allowed the conservation of the natural habitat and the overall integrity of the territory.

Beautiful and sunny places surrounded by flora and fauna. The territory of the Nebrodi Park offers many hiking alternatives. Among the many possible itineraries, the following are proposed, by way of example:

Holly itinerary
The itinerary crosses an entirely wooded area, starting from the territory of Militello Rosmarino, in the Fontanazze locality, and crossing the districts of Agrifoglio, Faitedda and Palettone, to reach Lake Maulazzo in the territory of Alcara Li Fusi.

Path from Militello Rosmarino
Starting from Militello Rosmarino, municipality of the Park located north of S. Agata Militello, follow the signs for the hamlet of San Piero. Proceed along the asphalted road, where you will already encounter the signposts indicating the direction to Lake Maulazzo. After about seven km, you will reach Fontanazze, where the hiking itinerary begins.

Bosco Mangalaviti m. 1518 and Serra del Re m. 1754
Places of extraordinary beauty and great charm, falling within the territory of the municipality of Longi. At the lower altitudes, ancient ones you will grow with remarkable specimens, and at the higher ones, without solution, very dense and imposing beech woods, mixed with Maple, Ash, Holly, Tassi, Perastri, Wild apple tree. Rich in fauna and riparian vegetation along the numerous waterways. The wood, reachable from Longi and Galati Mamertino, through Portella Gazzana (979 m), reserves magnificent panoramic points and an educational path for environmental education activities has been identified by the Park Authority. It is an easy circular route along which the most representative botanical and faunal species of the park area have been identified.

Lake Biviere (1278 m.s.l.m.)
Falling within the territory of the Municipality of Cesarò, the lake has an area of ​​about 18 hectares. The very rich flora is conditioned by the periodic variations of the water level, which determine a horizontal zoning of the vegetation in six bands, distinguished according to the various dominant species. Of note is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the summer months, when the waters of the lake turn red due to the flowering of a microalga called Euglena sanguinea.

The road goes around a wetland in the immediate vicinity of the Biviere and continues uphill, entering the beech forest of Scavioli.

Pisciotto lake
The destination of a naturalistic itinerary that can be used by the disabled is Lake Pisciotto located at over 1200 s.l.m. in the territory of Tortorici, one of the municipalities of the Nebrodi Park. The landscape that characterizes the area surrounding the lake is characterized by large grazing areas typical of the Nebrodi, thus allowing you to enjoy the intense green of the grassy meadows enriched by the colorful colors of the flowers. Landscape that in the summer months, once the blooms are exhausted, discovers the large clearings with stony ground and strips of arid meadow, sunny cliffs with typical xerophilic vegetation, hills covered with characteristic bushy and shrubby essences where there is no lack of residual oak woods.

Rocche del Crasto
Very interesting is the excursion to the Rocche del Crasto, rock formations of calcareous nature, bold and deeply fissured, falling within the territory of the Municipalities of Alcara Li Fusi, Longi and S. Marco d’Alunzio. Rugged and inaccessible architectures, they are nesting sites for various species of birds of prey and super predators. The views that open onto the summit are magnificent.

Portella Femmina Morta (Little Dead Woman) – Monte Soro – Lake Maullazzo – Lake Biviere
The destinations of this route are the great beech forest of Monte Soro, truly extraordinary for its vastness and for the beauty of the centuries-old specimens, Lake Maullazzo, an artificial reservoir also immersed in the beech forest, and Lake Biviere, the high humid area share of greatest naturalistic value in Sicily.

Path of the Springs
The hiking itinerary develops on the southern side of the Nebrodi Park in a mountainous area characterized by gentle slopes that give these mountains a reassuring aspect.

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